2020 SNIP Community Partner Placements Announced

Fifteen community partner sites have been selected for the 2020 Summer Nonprofit Immersion Program (SNIP). SNIP is an eight-week summer internship for undergraduate students at Wake Forest University where they work full-time at a community partner placement while learning about nonprofit management. 

Community partners apply to be a part of the SNIP program, undergoing both site visits and an interview process by members of the OCCE staff. They articulate a clear work plan for the student that connects both the organization’s mission and the prospective student’s academic/professional goals. 

Student applications for SNIP are open until Friday, February 28. The OCCE is hosting a community-partner meet-and-greet on Thursday, February 21 from 4-5 PM, at a yet to be dtermined location. Interested students are encouraged to attend. 

2020 SNIP Community Partner Sites

If you have questions or want to learn more about the SNIP program, please contact Shelley Sizemore.

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