GivePulse is an online community enabling individuals, groups, and nonprofit organizations to list, find, coordinate, and measure their impact in the community. Whether you are a volunteer, student, faculty member, donor, staff, or community member; GivePulse provides a platform for all to manage and coordinate community experiences. 

On GivePulse you can:

  • Search for local events, groups, and causes that you care most about.
  • See and verify your impact.
  • Review, reflect and share your volunteer experience.

FAQ for Students

  • How do I login to GivePulse?

    All Wake Forest students, faculty, and staff have an existing account with GivePulse and just need to claim their account. GivePulse uses WFU’s single sign-on, so use your Wake Forest email and password when logging in.

    To log in and find volunteer Opportunities.

    1. Visit
    2. In the top right-hand corner, click the account management button, and select ‘Log In’
    3. Select ‘Login via WFU’, and log in using your Wake Forest email and password.

    If you are interested in personalizing your account, select “Account” from the drop-down menu under your name or image to complete the final steps, including the causes you care about and the skills you have. Filling out your profile information helps groups find you for events that are relevant to you.

  • How do I find service opportunities?

    You can find service opportunities several different ways

    1. From the main Wake Forest page, select events to view upcoming, open, and ongoing volunteer opportunities. Click an event block to learn more about each opportunity. Ready to commit? Select the blue “register” button on the upper right-hand side of the event page.
    2. Click the ‘Explore’ tab on the top right of the screen to search current service opportunities. If you are interested in a particular type of service opportunity or issue area, you can search for those within the Explore tab.
    3. Interested in volunteering with a particular organization? Search our list of community partners to explore their volunteer opportunities.
  • Can I get this on my phone?

    Yes. GivePulse is available in both the App Store and Google Play Store.

    Through the app, you can search for volunteer opportunities, submit service hours and update your personal profile.

    Administrators, event managers, and check-in attendants can switch to their admin role in the app by selecting the profile option in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen and selecting ‘Switch to Admin’.

  • How do I add an impact?

    There are two different ways to add an impact on GivePulse.

    1. Add an impact from any page or for independent service.
      1. Go to your profile at the top of the menu and select ‘Add Impact’. Search for the organization where you volunteered. Can’t find where you volunteered? Select the ‘Can’t Find it’ button to finish recording your service hours. Fill out all the required information and submit your impact.
    2. Add an impact from registration
      1. If you have already registered for an event, you will receive an email notification following the event to confirm your hours. You can always check events or shifts you are registered for by selecting ‘My Activity’ from the menu and selecting ‘Registrations’.
  • How do I make sure my service counts for groups that I’m part of?

    If you want your hours to also count for an organization you are serving with (like a Greek organization or service club), make sure to also select them from the share with section when adding a service impact. If you don’t share it, it will not count towards that organization.

    If all your service will be as part of a group (like a Greek organization or service club), you can automatically share ALL your service hours.  In order to do this, follow these steps:

    1. Once logged into GivePulse, click the “My Groups” tab and find the group you would like to share hours with from the list.
    2. Look for the arrow to the right of the group you want to share hours with.  Click on the arrow next to the group and select “More Options”.
    3. Check the box next to “Always Share Impacts” and then from here on, when you go to verify your service hours after a volunteer experience, this group will automatically be selected.  
      1. Note: If you do not want certain hours to count for a group you pre-selected, you can deselect that group manually before verifying your service impact/hours.

FAQ for Community Partners

  • How do I connect with WFU to get volunteers?

    GivePulse is available free of cost for our community partner organizations. By having a profile, you can create volunteer opportunities that members of the Wake Forest community can sign up to attend.  You can also utilize GivePulse as a volunteer management platform for tracking and promoting opportunities for community volunteers.

    Contact Jennifer Rubin or Cazandra Rebollar in the Office of Civic & Community Engagement to create your own profile.  Once you create a profile, our staff will be in touch to offer training on how to utilize the platform.

  • Students volunteered with my group. How do I verify their impact?

    There are two ways to verify impacts. If you created an event that the student registered for, you can simply sign them in. If there was not an associated event and students are reporting the hours to you directly, you may follow these instructions to verify their impact.