Civic Scholars

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The Civic Scholars program recognizes, connects, and develops civically-minded students whose work in the community is both deep and broad.

Civic Scholars agree to participate in workshops while completing work across three key areas during their time at Wake Forest: academics, direct service, and leadership development. As they prepare to graduate, they work alongside a staff adviser from the Office of Civic & Community Engagement to develop a capstone project.

Civic Scholars are leaders on campus and in the community and are connected with a diversity of causes and organizations. They may declare their intent to participate in the program beginning the Spring of their first-year at Wake Forest and through the Fall of their Senior year.

Become a Civic Scholar

    Past Civic Scholars

  • 2020 Civic Scholars

    Zakary Amen

    Monet Beatty

    Ashley Berry

    Kate Doughery

    Ryan Keller

    Victoria Latham

    Cat Mizzi

    Carla Pena-Vega

    Grace Russell

    Yassmin Shaltout

    Madison Sinclair

    2020 Civic Scholars Capstones

  • 2019 Civic Scholars

    David Ajamy

    Zach Bynum

    Daniella Feijoo

    Kayla Heilig

    Erica Jordan

    Victoria Martinez

    Peter Schlacte

    Matt Schlosser

    Eileen Zhang

Civic Scholars Roadmap

 It will take at least a year to complete the requirements for the recognition. Steps to becoming a Civic Scholar include:

  1. Declare your intent to graduate as a Civic Scholar
  2. Get assigned an adviser with the Office of Civic & Community Engagement, who will help review requirements and chart your path to complete them.
  3. Create a profile on The Link to help track requirements and service progress.
  4. Attend regular meetings and check-ins hosted by the Office of Civic & Community Engagement, and meet semester goals identified by your adviser.
  5. Identify your capstone project by the fall semester of your Senior year.
  6. Complete and present your capstone project at the Office of Civic & Community Engagement End-Of-Year Celebration.

2019 Inaugural Class

2019 Civic Scholars

In the spring of 2019, the Office of Civic & Community Engagement celebrated its first class of civic scholars at the Annual End-Of-Year Celebration.

Each Scholar presented their capstone project to those in attendance, and was recognized for their civic achievements throughout their time at Wake Forest.

Back row (left to right) Zach Bynum, Erica Jordan, Daniella Feijoo, Victoria Martinez, David Ajamy, and Matt Schlosser. Bottom row (left to right) Kayla Heilig and Peter Schlacte. Missing from photo, Eileen Zhang.