The Office of Civic & Community Engagement is the hub of community-based activity at Wake Forest University. In the spirit of Pro Humanitate, we engage community partners, faculty, staff, and students to create meaningful social change. The Office aims to leverage resources, build capacity, and incubate community initiatives in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and beyond.

Community Engagement

The Office of Civic & Community Engagement is proud to partner with organizations throughout the Winston-Salem Community.

Together, Wake Forest University and community partners work together to find creative solutions to pressing issues, leverage resources, and build capacity for sustainable change.

Explore Our Community Partnerships


Social Justice Icon

Social Justice

Interested in organizing for social change? Find ways to collaborate, engage, and organize around issues of social justice.

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Service & Leadership

Make a difference through Campus Kitchen, educational outreach, and philanthropic events like Wake N’ Shake and Hit The Bricks.

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Civic Engagement

Want to learn more about issues of public concern, engage across difference in dialogue, or gain professional non-profit experience?


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Educational Equity

Help ensure all students have equal access to opportunities, support, and the tools they need to reach their full potential.

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Health and Nutrition

Impact health outcomes in Forsyth County through access to healthy meals and fresh produce, cooking skills, and medical care.

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Economic Empowerment

Build capacity across our community to develop affordable housing, job training and placement, and asset-building.

WFU Office of Civic & Community Engagement Recognition

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