The Social Justice Incubator (SJI) is a space for students to collaborate, engage, and organize around issues of social justice. Located in Kitchin Hall, SJI provides a space for students to gather and organize and host events connected to issues of social justice.

Together, students can organize for social change; gather to discuss local, national, and international issues; advocate and stand in solidarity with marginalized populations; host speakers, panels, and campus events; and form groups to explore issues of identity and justice.  

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The Space

Not sure if the Social Justice Incubator is the right space for you? Anyone is welcome to host events that are aligned with the mission of SJI, or utilize it as a study space.

Use the lounge to:

  • Convene, gather, and support each other
  • Discuss national and campus issues
  • Form dialogue groups around issues of identity and justice
  • Host speakers, panels, and other events
  • Organize actions and incubate ideas
  • Educate the campus community about issues of social justice
  • Screen documentaries, form reading groups, and create art