College Advocacy Summit

Founded in 2019, the College Advocacy Summit is a student-led conference focused on advocacy and social justice. Student organizers aim to develop a network of college students committed to social justice, identify community resources, build skills around organizing and advocacy, and mobilize for change. Community leaders, activists, and students are invited to present at the College Advocacy Summit.

Inaugural College Advocacy Summit

Hosted by the Office of Civic & Community Engagement, and spearheaded by Wake Forest senior, Zach Bynum, the College Advocacy Summit debuted on March 22 at Wake Forest University in an effort to share resources and strategies on how to organize and advocate for social justice issues. Over 50 students from Wake Forest, Catawba College, and Guillford College were in attendance.

Zyahna Bryant, an award-winning student activist, community organizer, and author, who organized her first demonstration, a rally for Justice for Trayvon Martin at age 12, served as the keynote speaker. She inspired students in attendance to get involved in social justice movements and take action against racism, inequity, and other forms of oppression.

    2019 College Advocacy Summit Workshops

  • Né belle idioma (My beautiful language)

    A discussion about the importance of language sensitivity, acquisition, and support for newcomers that featured a simulation that taught participants different ways to communicate with newly arrived individuals, while acknowledging culture, language, and customs.

    Hosted by: Danny Rodas Garcia, Saynah Afada, and Nema Kodio of Guilford College

  • Leadership, Coordination, and Coalition: Acting Strategically Against Racism at WFU

    A discussion about the moments that ignited movement-building on Wake Forest’s campus that explored what is required of students to build sustainable, highly organized, and inter-sectional coalition on college campuses. The importance of oral history, research, knowledge of policy, movement coordination, and the many steps that go into the creation of something holistic and long lasting were also explored.

    Hosted by: the Anti-Racism Coalition at Wake Forest University

  • Toxic Masculinity: Discussions and Healing

    Focused on the Masculinity Discussion Group run out of the Social Justice Incubator, this session defined toxic masculinity; examined the ways it impacts the experiences of both men and women; discussed actionable steps that can be taken to combat it in every day life; and explored how individuals can use each other as a source of healing and support to overcome the affects of toxic masculinity.

    Hosted by: Peter Schlachte, Wake Forest Undergraduate Student

  • Rethinking Good Intentions

    A workshop that allowed student leaders to reflect on how they approach and engage with community service and advocacy. Participants engaged in meaningful reflection behind their work and learned how to develop a strategic approach to advocacy and service.

    Hosted by: Jessica Fuentes, Ananya Bernardo, and Benjamin James of Guilford College

  • Bursting the College Bubble: Getting Involved off Campus

    This workshop provided an understanding of anti-racism and gender justice to help cultivate relationships between college students and the local community. It explored the possibility of building bridges across differences while also understanding that college-community relationships must involve honest critique and discomfort.

    Hosted by: Alec Jessar and Alexx Anderson, Wake Forest University Undergraduate Students

  • The Role of the Arts in Advocacy

    Social justice can take many forms, and the arts provide a nontraditional way to change minds and open hearts. An interactive workshop that provided a history of activism and the arts, and how that looks in our community at present.

    Hosted by: Mellie Mesfin, Lydia Harris, and Elvie Sellers, Wake Forest University Undergraduate Students